A nice retrospect today

When I was in the library tonight, I thought about what I experienced five years ago and try to find what led to that status of mind. Adopting the perspective that “if a man does not have an independent spirit, he can not help loose himself sometimes, due to some attractions or temptations”, I sort of see one reason might be that I didn’t form a independent spirit at that time( or even now…), and when I found myself contradict some of my previous beliefs, I had no vision to overcome but to struggle.

So I think I really sort of connecting some dots of what I was and what I’m now today. This motivates me to continue the search into my past and future. It’s really great when you ultimately find a possible reason like this cos this might open a workable way to be the person I wanna be like.

May the force be with me~


About proudwolflc

a guy about to get some sense of doing stat research
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