I had a dream

Yesterday I had a dream, which encourages me deeply inside. My brain just randomly generated the people who acted in this dream, while most of them were my fellow students in Sichuan University. The main plot was about how a teacher, instead of reproaching me for absent for school, encouraged me to learn and discuss with him. Cos I had a similar experience as the first part of the dream in September, I felt much better about my pushy director. Give your dream and goal some time. I would not be pushed by you and lose my own direction and taste, but I do promise I’ll strive to learn and meditate, professor Zhang.

Actually, here I remember another dream I had several days ago. It’s about my roommate Justin. In the dream, he told many people that we should give some talks on some topics to blur blur blur and my assigned topic is “symmetry”… But the talk was supposed to be held in five minutes…. I rushed to the place then the dream ended.

While that reminded me that I’m a person interested in that staff. How the hell did you dig that out, my brain, my master…?

Anyway, I had these unbelievable dreams and hope I will prove that they did encourage me.


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a guy about to get some sense of doing stat research
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